Metos ioLiving SmartKitchen

On this page we have compiled instructions related to the use of the Metos ioLiving service and measurement devices.

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Richard Hunter, +46 8 0775 85 85

User guides

Name Category
Setting up the service / Quick guide HACCP service
Using the ioLiving service HACCP service
Alarm management HACCP service
Tasks function HACCP service
Image view HACCP service
Food Waste Tracker general guide Food waste service
WasteScale with touch screen WSS Food waste service
I/I+ start up guide Measurement device
BCL start up guide Measurement device
Mobile gateway user manual Gateway


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Main User – Hotel user

There is one main user account in Scandic Sweden. Some configuration is done centrally by the main user. Each Scandic hotel has an own hotel user account. Hotels are “under” the main user. The configuration done by the main user will be inherited to every hotel.

Product information

Online product cards.


I/I+ product card

A hand probe device for temperature sampling in food industry

BCL product card

Measurement device for monitoring the blast chilling event temperature.

TCL product card

A measurement device for measuring temperature

DWL product card

A measurement device with two external temperature sensors

Mobile gateway product card

Gateway device with Internet connection

Information sheet

Information sheet on the use of the Metos ioLiving solution in this kitchen. Placed on the kitchen wall.

Pdf in Swedish

Pdf in English

Steps to get strated

These steps will be completed for you by the Metos installer.

  1. Open the package and place all devices on table.
  2. Switch power on to the measurement devices.
  3. Turn power on to the mobile gateway and plug in the USB charger. After a while green light comes on to indicate that the gateway has been connected to the net.
  4. Switch power on to the phone and connect it to WiFi.
  5. Log in to the account (the username and password comes with the package). Temperatures should already be visible in the service
  6. Install measurement devices to their location.
  7. Place the mobile gateway to its final location.
  8. Start using the solution.