Improve productivity and ensure food safety. Reduce environmental impact.
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Energy and maintenance



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Smart Kitchen solutions are widely used. Join our customers:  Scandic Hotels, Metos, Burlodge, Temp-Rite, AliContract, Rendisk, Service Centre Helsinki etc.

Digital management of food service

Digital Kitchen Management

Enhance operational efficiency and productivity. From HACCP compliance to food waste reduction, oversee the entire company’s processes. Compare and analyse kitchens or delve into specific kitchen data for comprehensive insights.
Comprehensive solution →

Food waste Tracker

Food Waste Reduction

Efficiently manage food waste from storage to plate, reducing environmental impact and cutting costs. Monitor food production, service, and waste in euros (€), kilograms (kg), and carbon footprint (kgCO2e) to optimize sustainability and savings. FoodWasteTracker →

Digital HACCP Tracker

Automated HACCP and food safety

Improve productivity and ensure food safety. A complete HACCP solution with automated temperature monitoring, alarms, temperature and hygiene sampling, checklists and complete task management. Digital HACCP system →

Remote control of kitchen equipment

Reduce energy costs, prevent failures

Measure the energy consumption and operating hours of kitchen equipment. Prevent unexpected breakdowns. Save money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance.
Energy and maintenance →

Restaurant indoor air quality

Optimize Restaurant Air Quality

Ensure a pleasant atmosphere with fresh indoor air. Provide optimal working conditions for your staff. Monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. Indoor Air Quality →


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Food standards save lives

Today is World Food Safety Day and this year’s theme is “Food standards save lives”. It highlights the importance of established food safety practices and standards to help ensure that the food we eat is safe. It is estimated that foodborne diseases affect 1 in 10...

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The benefits of a waste scale

Don't settle for manual recording of food waste Clear advantages are achieved by using the waste scale. We asked our customers about their experiences and listed a few of them below. Logging is reliable and easy. Automated recording using the waste scale guarantees...

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Happy holidays

Thank you for the past year.We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.Kiitämme kuluneesta vuodesta.Toivotamme hyvää joulua ja menestyksekästä vuotta 2023.Tack för det senaste året.Vi önskar er god jul och ett gott nytt år 2023.We are on Christmas holiday...

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Take waste into account when planning the menu!

The actual amount of food waste must be known when reducing. However, simply measuring the amount of waste is not enough, it is essential to take concrete measures to reduce the loss. Measurements are not done just for the sake of measuring, but genuinely out of a...

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