Digital solution to reduce food waste

Reducing food waste improves profitability and reduces environmental impact. Find out the amount of actual waste covering the entire chain from storage to plate waste. Track the amount and quality of food waste in euros, kilograms and carbon footprint (kgCO2e).

  • Find out why, what and at what stage the food loss occurs
  • Know the amount, value, and carbon footprint of the loss
  • Take the right measures to reduce food waste
  • All waste data is stored in ioLiving Cloud Service
  • The information is analyzed in real time by any web browser
  • The interface is easy to use and visual
  • The information collected is reliable, accurate and up to date
  • Data recording can be speeded up with the Waste Scale

Improve profitability. FoodWasteTracker 
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Food waste reduction

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Record, track, and reduce food waste easily and reliably

Food waste causes significant costs for professional kitchens. Under the guidance of restaurant management, the staff strives to reduce losses. Cost efficiency can be improved with the help of the Food Waste Tracker by monitoring where the highest costs arise and by taking targeted measures to reduce the waste. It is possible to achieve remarkable savings yearly. At the same time, the carbon footprint of the restaurant is also reduced. Do you know the amount and value of food loss in your restaurant?

ioLiving Food Waste Tracker helps to reduce food waste in professional kitchens

Kitchen staff is usually busy and the traditional way of recording waste on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet takes too much time. The collected data is therefore often very incomplete and the true amount of waste is not known. The Food Waste Tracker is an easy-to-use, real-time, and accurate solution for tracking and analyzing food waste.

Food Waste Tracker is used to monitor the overall amount of food waste (kg), the value (€) and the carbon footprint (kgCO2e). The total amount and impact of food waste can, for example, be seen with one view from all monitored service points. The data can be sorted by food waste categories and examined by selecting desired time periods.

Plate Waste app

The Plate Waste app is part of the ioLiving Food Waste Tracker solution. It shows restaurant customers the amount of plate waste. It is well-suited for buffet and line restaurants, where guests return and empty their plates into a container on top of the Waste Scale.

The amount of plate waste is displayed on both visually and as a reading. The app also illustrates if the amount of personal plate waste is exceptionally high. Showing plate waste encourages measures to reduce food waste. The loss is reduced when the amount of food to be prepared can be better predicted. Read more

A global report shows that restaurants can have 7:1 ratio in savings if they invest in cutting food waste and prevent edible food from ending up in trash.” Champions 12.3.

“Studies show that businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and food retailers, earn financial returns by investing in food waste reduction.”

The Guardian

Leading with knowledge

  • Define the data accuracy and collection points of waste
  • Make sure that staff records the food waste as agreed
  • Monitor the total number of deviations
  • Initiate corrective actions and monitor their implementation
  • Ensure a declining trend in food waste
  • The information collected is reliable and up to date because the kitchen staff makes the entries in real conditions

Analyze visualized data

  • Why food waste occurs
  • What food waste consists of
  • At what stage does food loss occur
  • The amount of food waste, its value and carbon footprint

Choose the appropriate recording method for each collection point

  • Entered manually with a web browser
  • Entered manually with a mobile application
  • By reading the weight wirelessly from the WasteScale and recording with the mobile app
  • Automatic transfer of weight data from the WasteScales under waste bins

5 seconds to enter the data with WasteScale

  • SmartKitchen FoodWasteTracker is best suited for a collection point with a lot of events, such as a production kitchen.
  • Dump the loss to a waste container on top of the wireless scale. Select the category from the touch screen.
  • It only takes five seconds to record accurate and real-time data.

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The service includes intelligent data collection devices, continuous measurements and real-time monitoring through an illustrative user interface.

Track the food waste in just
5 seconds

The kitchen staff is often very busy, and the automatization of routine tasks is appreciated. By using ioLivingWasteScale it only takes 5 seconds to enter the food waste data. The information collected is reliable, up-to-date and can be found on the same service.


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