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Setting up the SmartKitchen service HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Using the SmartKitchen service HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Using the solution in an organization with multiple locations HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Adding an area manager to the organization HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Adding News to the service home page, organizations HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Task HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Mobile Gateway 3.0
Mobile Gateway
HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Gateway Mini HACCP Tracker, Food Waste Tracker
Alarms HACCP Tracker
Temperature and hygiene samples HACCP Tracker
Image View HACCP Tracker
Measurement device I+, hand probe, temperature samples HACCP Tracker
Measurement device BCL, blast chilling event temperature HACCP Tracker
Temperature of the food transport Delivery Tracker
Using the FoodWasteTracker solution Food Waste Tracker
WasteScale with touch screen Food Waste Tracker
WasteScale, inspection and cleaning Food Waste Tracker
Plate waste application Food Waste Tracker
Technical problem situations Service request

Guides for maintenance personnel

Maintenance and troubleshooting Measurement devices and gateways
Device maintenance process Measurement devices and gateways
Device Maintenance:
Recording of device problems to the admin service 
Measurement devices and gateways
LoRa scanner, Android application Configurator Measurement devices and gateways
LoRa Scanner, USB and own display Measurement devices and gateways
Signal amplifier, doubles the range of the LoRa radio signal Repeater
How to configure Soracom APN and Roaming settings SmartKitchen phone and tablet


Android devices used with SmartKitchen

WasteScale, touch screen Android device
KitchenHelper, kitchen smartphone Android device


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Happy holidays

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