Digital HACCP for commercial kitchen

Improve productivity by replacing pen and paper. A complete HACCP solution with automated temperature monitoring, alarms, temperature sampling, checklists for manually performed checks and reporting.

  • Automate routines

  • Replace pen and paper

  • Save time, effort, and money

  • Direct impact on productivity and efficiency

  • Part of kitchen’s own HACCP

  • Real-time, easy to use and reliable

  • Traceable result data

  • Illustrative visual interfaces

All data is stored and analyzed in real time on one system.

HACCP Tracker

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Reliable digital monitoring as part of your own HACCP system

Each kitchen has a HACCP plan to ensure food safety and food quality. The ioLiving digital HACCP solution is a digital way to put your monitoring plan into practice. The restaurant manager or HACCP officer will be able to use the solution to ensure that the planned monitoring is carried out.

There is almost always a rush in professional kitchens and there is a lot to do. In addition, the authorities require the kitchens to carry out thorough self-monitoring and archiving of data. Gathering data manually often feels like rather toilsome task and is left undone. Digital solutions that ease the rush in a hectic environment are welcome.

Forget pen and paper, get digital HACCP for your kitchen. With ioLiving SmartKitchen digital solution, monitoring is easy, reliable, and real time.

The ioLiving solution is part of the client’s HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and includes alarms and automatic reporting of deviations. Save time, effort, and money by automating routines. The result is less waste and safe food for customers. Everyone benefits from improved monitoring.

View for the restaurant manager

The restaurant manager (or HACCP responsible) will at any time see the status information on the implementation of HACCP monitoring. The status view shows if there are overdue monitoring tasks or deviations which need attention. Monitoring of corrective actions is also important.

Easy to get started

The Smart Kitchen Easy Start ready-made solution is the most convenient way to start using digital HACCP. The temperature sensors and the Gateway are ready with a user account opened in advance. All you need to do is turn on the devices, move the sensors to the targets, and change your account username.

The gateway device automatically transfers the temperature data to the cloud service. With Easy Start package it takes only one hour to start using the service. If you also want this step to be completed, we offer installation and training services.

In addition to automatic temperature monitoring, the Easy Start service includes the distribution of alarms, the recording of organoleptic checks, and temperature sampling. Temperature and observation measurements are monitored and analyzed in real time. Reports are created directly from a web browser, no matter where you are.

In addition to temperature monitoring, the service can be used for entering other functions or measurement records as well, including surface cleanliness analyses, wastage monitoring or detailed cleaning information

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