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Centralized management creates the conditions for streamlining operations and improving productivity when there are several locations. Manage the entire company’s process from HACCP to reduction of waste and review the implementations digitally. Disseminate good practices and harmonize processes.

  • harmonize HACCP at all kitchens
  • make sure monitoring works in the kitchens as agreed
  • monitor the accomplishment of corrective actions
  • ensure a declining trend in food waste

All data is stored in a single system from which data can be monitored.

Products and licenses

Management of food service company

Large public or private catering companies have several locations. Each kitchen is responsible for HACCP monitoring and reducing food waste. However, the centralized management of HACCP is the most efficient way for the company to operate and improve productivity.

Harmonization achieves synergies and kitchens learn from each other’s good practices. SmartKitchen Digital Management is a tool to harmonize and lead self-monitoring and reduction of food waste in large food service companies. Smart Kitchen is the right solution when you want to lead with knowledge.

Harmonization and management of HACCP

Typically, a company’s HACCP monitoring guidelines apply to all kitchens and include certain daily, weekly, or monthly inspections. With the SmartKitchen solution, common checklists can be defined and maintained centrally. It saves a lot of effort when these checklists do not have to be done in each kitchen individually. This will also speed up the implementation of changes and additions.

For example, Covid-19 warranted an increase in regular disinfection. Disinfection instructions and implementation monitoring can be carried out in a company of hundreds of kitchens in one hour.

Harmonizations of food waste monitoring and reduction

Centrally managed waste monitoring activities are also effective and make reporting consistent. Maintaining basic data on food waste items does not take time at the kitchens when it is managed centrally. The company’s CFO sees in euros how much money is spent on food waste at each kitchen. In the same way, the environmental manager sees the carbon footprint.

When a kitchen develops a positive development for reducing a particular food waste, it is possible to disseminate good practices to other kitchens.

Management status

SmartKitchen solution provides management view to monitor that daily HACCP actions are performed and waste monitoring goes as planned. The digital approach makes the monitoring easier and ensures that needed practises are followed without interruptions. Because monitoring is real-time, you do not have to wait for the end of a day or week, or even be present, to get a report.

Digital review

When need arises to have a review and go to details the management account holder can see every needed detail from each kitchen if the company has multiple locations. Audition can be done from a computer screen and it’s even possible to give a temporary access to reports to health inspector if needed.

Easy to deploy

Use of the service requires that every kitchen is using the SmartKitchen solution. The Quality Manager (or equivalent) opens own user account and activates a “Digital Management” license for it. Next, the quality manager lists the locations he wants to monitor and manage. The management functions described above are then available.

Centralized management is the most efficient way for a company to operate and improve productivity. SmartKitchen is the right solution when it comes to management with knowledge.

Harmonize self-monitoring

  • Create and maintain checklists that will be used in all kitchens

  • Create and maintain lists of food that are used in all kitchens

  • Learning from others

  • Communicate and implement good practices

  • Motivate and encourage the right way to act!

Monitor accomplishment of
corrective actions

  • Monitor the implementation of corrective actions

  • Total number of deviations

  • Number of corrections made

  • Ensure a declining trend in food waste

Make sure that HACCP is being implemented

  • Automated temperature monitoring runs
  • Temperature sampling is done
  • Regular checks have been done
  • Food waste recording is done

Ensure a declining trend in food waste

  • Aiming declining trend in all kitchens
  • Keep track of where food waste occures
  • Look for best practices
  • Take the right measures to reduce food waste

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