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The hospitality industry is rapidly digitalizing, and the trend can no longer be ignored. Be at the forefront and offer your customers the latest reliable technology.

If you are looking for the newest solutions in the HoReCa sector you have found the right partner. Read more about our digital solutions for reducing food waste, energy reduction, preventive maintenance, HACCP and food safety in commercial kitchens.

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We are currently looking for partners, especially in Central and Western Europe. Of course, the distribution network in other countries is also interesting.

Examples of current partners: Metos, Burlodge, Temp-Rite, AliContract, Rendisk and Memcon. Smart Kitchen solutions are widely used in professional kitchens around the world.

Customer case
SmartKitchen helps Scandic ensure food safety and reduce food waste in 200 hotels already.
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Looking for digital solutions to expand your product offering?

BENEFITS FOR YOUR COMPANY: Conventional manual measurements are being replaced by modern methods. Be in the forefront of digital development of the food industry.

Smart Kitchen solutions complements your portfolio to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. The agile and customer-oriented product development work is vital, since both the market and the technologies are developing constantly. New features are being introduced at a regular interval.

Smart digital solutions for commercial kitchen


Most kitchen workers consider tasks with the traditional “pen and paper” methods as a rather toilsome task. Some tasks are forgotten, and paper archives lost. Smart Kitchen solution automates routines, gives alarms, and reminds of the manual tasks. Overall, it improves quality and profitability, as well as reduces environmental impact and saves staff time.


No more paper and pen. SmartKitchen solution provides management view to monitor that daily actions are performed, and waste monitoring goes as planned. The digital approach makes the monitoring easier and ensures that needed practices are followed without interruptions.

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The SmartKitchen online solution helps your customers harmonize self-monitoring, ensure HACCP implementation, monitor corrective action, and reduce food waste. The use of the service is easily scaled.


Award-winning solution to reduce food waste. The solution can be used as a standalone web service without separate devices or applications. Data collection can be accelerated with the SmartKitchen wireless WasteScale. The amount and quality of the loss is monitored in local currency, kilograms, and carbon dioxide equivalent.

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The Food Waste Tracker solution helps your customers to reduce food waste, improve productivity and achieve their goals and at the same time reduce environmental impact.

Equipment Tracker


A solution to monitor energy consumption, operating and standby hours of any kitchen equipment including kettles, dishwashers, coolers, freezers, etc. The EquipmentTracker solution consists of automatic measurement devices and a cloud service.

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The Equipment Tracker helps your customers improve productivity by avoiding unnecessary maintenance, preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns, and reducing energy consumption.

Digital HACCP


The complete HACCP solution provides up-to-date information on the status of HACCP measures as well as a continuously available digital archive. Automated temperature monitoring, alarms, temperature sampling, task management, checklists for manually performed checks and reporting.

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The HACCP Tracker solution helps your customers to ensure food safety and improve productivity. A scalable solution that is suitable for both small and large food service companies. Easy to use and reliable.

Food Delivery Tracker

Food Delivery Tracker

The solution provides information on the status of food transportation measures as well as a continuously available digital archive. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold at safe temperatures. The data collected show temperatures throughout the whole transport.

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The SmartKitchen Food Delivery Tracker esures food safety during transport. It gives your client immediate assesment, acceptance and recording of a transport operation data.


Scandic Hotels

SmartKitchen helps Scandic ensure food safety and reduce food waste in 200 hotels already. Read more →

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SmartKitchen solution is a right choice for your portfolio since it is highly reliable, flexible and cost-effective.


The solution enables constant measurements, real-time monitoring of the measurement results and an illustrative user interface. Service is easy to set up and use.


SmartKitchen Cloud Service solution stores the collected measurement data with data protection ensured.


SmartKitchen IoT devices for collecting measurement data enable accurate, real-time measurements.

The company was founded in 2013. The head office is in Finland. Our customers are market leaders on three continents.

More than 50,000 measurement devices installed.

More than 5 billion measurements have already been processed in our cloud service.

Possibility of
white labeling

You can brand the solution as well as the devices according to your own brand identity. Or use the Smart Kitchen brand. Whatever is best for your business. 

SmartKitchen is an excellent partner. Smart Kitchen solutions are highly reliable and flexible. We provide you with expertise, extensive experience and knowledge of information management and online service technology.

Smart KItchen white label products

If you think that the digital solution for commercial kitchen would be a good addition to your current product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be more than happy to tell you about our award-winning solution. SmartKitchen is a leading supplier of monitoring solutions based on IoT technology.

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CEO Matti Verkasalo

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SmartKitchen is an excellent partner.

Our agile and customer-oriented product development work is vital, since both the market and the technologies are developing constantly.