The actual amount of food waste must be known when reducing. However, simply measuring the amount of waste is not enough, it is essential to take concrete measures to reduce the loss. Measurements are not done just for the sake of measuring, but genuinely out of a desire to make a better tomorrow for all of us and a profit for the company. Reducing food waste reduces the environmental impact and improves the company’s profitability!

The new function of FoodWasteTracker is related to menu planning

It is normal practice that a “waste reserve” is taken into account when planning the menu and production quantities. More meals are prepared than needed. Thanks to the new FoodWasteTracker function, the kitchen manager knows the actual amount of waste for each meal item. In this case, the “waste reserve” is based on knowledge and not on an estimate.

A function has been added to the FoodWasteTracker solution that retrieves the day’s menu from the menu application used by the kitchen, for example POS or production planning systems. The meal items from the menu are automatically displayed on the waste scale for recording the waste. The amount of food waste is analyzed individually for each meal item. The new function also enables the transfer of waste data to the production planning system. The next time you plan to prepare the meal in question, you can use the exact waste information. 

This week, at the Ateria22 event, FoodWasteTracker and the joint use of the Jamix menu system was  presented in terms of meal-specific waste monitoring. In the future, the Jamix menu can be automatically displayed in FoodWasteTracker, allowing the solution users to easily select and save items that go to waste by meal type on the waste scale screen. Ateria22 event is a public food and arranged meal services professional day organized in Finland.

Also note the requirements of the waste legislation

Several countries are tightening waste legislation and demanding that measures aimed at reducing food waste be measurable. Most strive that kitchens should monitor the amount of waste generated and estimate the total amount of edible food to be disposed of as waste. For example, in the EU, the Commission will propose legally binding targets to reduce food waste by the end of 2023.

Measure and store the waste information in SmartKitchen’s FoodWasteTracker online service. It meets the requirements of the waste legislation concerning the recording and storage of food waste data. And if your country does not require it yet, we are sure that is about to change. So be already in the forefront!

Would it be a good time to start using the FoodWasteTracker?

When you know where food waste occurs, you can take specific steps to reduce it. SmartKitchen’s FoodWasteTracker is an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for reducing food waste in professional kitchens.

Monitor, research, plan and implement measures aimed at reducing waste in one solution. All this is possible with FoodWasteTracker. Ask more and book a demo! 


If you are interested in digital management and reducing food waste in professional kitchens, book a demo. Leave us your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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