Adding photos to task entry, correcting incorrect waste entries directly from the touch screen, using multipliers to record production quantities and support for different kitchen models for integration.

Professional kitchens are busy places where every second counts. Food is prepared, orders are taken, and stock is managed – all at the same time. In this fast-paced environment, some things can get missed and mistakes happen. Fortunately, modern technology offers solutions to these challenges. SmartKitchen is being developed together with kitchen professionals, and we’re constantly adding new features to the service.

Task management

Add photos to your entries

Now you can take photos directly from your mobile phone to accompany task entries. This feature not only adds convenience, but also helps to document exceptional cases. For example, if a dish doesn’t meet expectations or you notice anomalies in the stock, you can easily document these situations with photos and save them directly to SmartKitchen. Read more about digital management →

Waste Scale

Correct error entries directly from the touch screen, use multiplier in production quantities

Another important update has taken place in the Waste Scale application. This app has long been a valuable tool for food loss management, but now it’s even more versatile. New features, such as the ability to correct error entries directly from the touch screen, make loss tracking and reporting even smoother and more accurate. Read more about using Food Waste Tracker →

Despite its name, the WasteScale also tracks production volumes. We have added a “multiplier” to the service – now when you make large batches, you just weigh one and tell the scale how many of the same kind you’ve made. This allows you to monitor production more quickly and accurately.


SmartKitchen works together with other digital services

It’s important to us that SmartKitchen works seamlessly with the digital services you already have in your kitchen. These include cash register systems, production planning (recipes, menus), inventory management and management reporting. It is sufficient to have data stored in one system, from which it is automatically transferred. We support a variety of kitchen approaches, so whether you prepare meals yourself or order them from a preparation kitchen, every branch can streamline its work with SmartKitchen. If you are interested in integration, please ask for more information.

Always up to date

Did you know that new features of the service are automatically rolled out without you having to do anything?

You can be confident that you’ll always have access to the latest and improved features without hassle or delay. Mobile app users will need to confirm the update installation to benefit from the new features. Updates don’t interrupt your work, because you can decide when to confirm the installation of an update on your device.

Not a SmartKitchen customer yet?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. SmartKitchen Customer Service is always on hand to answer any questions and show you how our service can make life easier in your kitchen.

SmartKitchen is more than just software – it’s a partner that helps professional kitchens run more smoothly and efficiently. The feedback we get from our customers helps us to constantly find better solutions for their everyday kitchen life. New features are just one example of how we are constantly innovating to provide the best possible solution for our customers.

Join us and experience for yourself how SmartKitchen can make your kitchen’s everyday life smoother and more profitable. Finnish expertise since 2013.

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