HACCP for food production

Provide your customers with a valuable additional service by offering access to food safety data. Traceability of critical ingredients, temperatures, measurements, and quality checks. Suitable for both small-scale production and large food producers.

  • Producer can provide a digital safety evidence for each batch

  • Good quality image improves the competitiveness of producers

  • Cost reductions due to digitalisation

The solution collects all process information and links it to each batch.

Food safety

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Food safety in production

It is the responsibility of food manufacturers to record information on parameters critical to food safety. This procedure is called “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (HACCP). It is a matter of tracing temperatures, measurements, and inspections for each production batch.

The ioLiving solution is a digital tool for managing HACCP data in food production. It covers ingredient traceability, temperatures, measurements, and quality checks. The producer has the option to display or distribute a digital evidence of safety for each batch.

The user defines which ingredients are critical for food safety. The factory receives these ingredients in batches (“ingredient batches”). ioLiving solution makes it easy to associate ingredient batches into food batches. If the supplier of raw material informs about the recall, the producer will immediately see in which production batches the raw material has been used and can easily target its own recall correctly.

Temperatures are important in food production. As well as other measurements like bacteria checks, weighting or counting. Part of the quality control is based on human assessment, such as tasting and nosing as well as visual assessment. The ioLiving solution collects all this process data and links that to each batch. This data is an important part of the digital HACCP evidence.

The ioLiving solution consist of: 

  • devices that automate temperature monitoring,
  • barcode readers and printers to label batches and
  • a cloud service.

The user can quickly create checklists and define measurements and ingredients that are important in the production. The solution scales from small-scale production to large food factories.

A pizza factory produces a batch of 1,000 pizzas. The batch is identified by the batch ID “HP230420203”.

If safety is uncertain, the manufacturer is prepared to provide evidence of HACCP for each batch

A consumer suspects falling ill after eating a pizza made in batch HP230420203.

The pizza factory may have a service on its website where anyone can write a batch code. The service prints a digital evidence of HACCP on the screen.

Products and licenses

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