HACCP for food production

PRODUCTS AND LICENSES: We deliver pre-activated and tested packages. Account is opened, products and license are activated. The gateway device contains a SIM card. The real-time monitoring of food production safety via an easy to use interface can begin.

Ready-made solutions for digital monitoring of food safety production

HACCP solution for food production contains a selection of items listed below.  The “Easy Start package” is the basic configuration to start experimenting. The exact configuration will be designed together with each customer.

Easy Start package:

  • HACCP-P: Complete HACCP functionality with batch traceability.
  • Measurement device I, 2 pcs: Temperature sensor to capture temperature samples manually.

The following equipment is often required for actual production use:

  • Sticker printer: Sticker printer to print batch ID stickers on products and incredient packagages
  • Barcode reader: Barcode reader to automate reading of batch IDs
  • Tablet computer: Tablet computer for oriduction line operators
  • Big screen: 32″ moniotr screen to visalize current production status.
  • BCL measurement device: Temperature sensor with Blast Chilling feature.
  • DWL measurement device: Temperature sensor with two cable sensors. For example dishwasher.
  • TCL measurement device: Temperature sensor, multipurpose. Cold rooms, freezers, vitrines.
  • Repeater: LoRa signal amplifer if measurement devices are located far away from the gateway.
  • Mobile Gateway: Transmits measurement data via an Internet connection to the ioLiving cloud service. The device automatically connects to the Internet using a factory-installed SIM card.
  • Configuration

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The service includes intelligent data collection devices, continuous measurements and real-time monitoring through an illustrative user interface.


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