Food Waste Tracker to monitor and reduce waste

PRODUCTS AND LICENSES: Real-time waste monitoring via an easy-to-use interface. The solution can be used as standalone web service without separate devices or applications. The customer uses standard scales to weigh the loss and makes entries manually. Data collection can be accelerated with the wireless Waste Scale accessory of the solution. Start reducing food waste with Food Waste Tracker.

Ready-made solutions

A solution for digital monitoring of food waste. The exact configuration of Food Waste Tracker will be designed together with each customer.

Start-up package:

  • FoodWasteTracker license, access to the service.
  • WasteScale with touch screen: designed to monitor food waste in professional kitchens and contract catering companies. There are two different scale models available: maximum load 35 kg or 150 kg
  • Configuration

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The service includes intelligent data collection devices, continuous measurements and real-time monitoring through an illustrative user interface.


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