We launched a new, expanded version of Smart Kitchen solutions. With the new version, the service will be able to increase the efficiency of private and public food service companies, improve productivity and, above all, reduce the environmental impact.

The Smart Kitchen service consists of five digital solutions:

Digital HACCP automates temperature monitoring and self-monitoring inspections, improving quality and reducing staff workload. Saves both time and money.

Wireless waste scales collect comprehensive data on the amount of food waste from storage waste, production, serving and plate waste. With the ioLiving online service, a food service company can significantly reduce loss costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

In the HACCP system of food production, the data is linked to each batch by a barcode, which means that deviations can be traced quickly and easily.

Remote monitoring and remote control of kitchen equipment ensures a high utilization rate with the correct timing of scheduled maintenance and preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns.

Self-monitoring and food waste reduction are managed centrally, especially in large restaurant chains and public catering companies. Smart Kitchen Digital Management provides a clear and graphical user interface for both individual locations and the management of the entire company. With the help of the solutions, e.g. disseminate good practice and harmonize processes.

ioLiving Smart Kitchen is used by both small kitchens and large international companies. Our customers especially appreciate the ease of use and quick implementation of the solution.

Smart Kitchen Easy Start package for digital HACCP

We listened to experts in the restaurant industry and, together with our international distributors, productized the “Easy Start” Digital HACCP package. We made starting digital HACCP easier than ever. It only takes two hours to set up. The solution utilizes the latest technology that is already compatible with the 5G networks of the future.

Stay tuned, we will tell you more about the Easy Start package soon. It will also be presented at the Metos trade fair from 1 to 2 October 2020.

ioLiving as a company

We are a professional expert in IoT services. When you want to streamline operations digitally, check out the solutions. You can track and manage activity regardless of time and place. Our solutions are used in professional kitchens, construction sites and agriculture.