Remote control of kitchen equipment

Improve productivity by preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns. Change kitchen equipment settings remotely without visiting the site. Save money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance.

  • Improved up-time of kitchen machinery

  • Technical staff can monitor and control the equipment remotely

  • Technical staff receive alerts and early warnings of faults

  • Direct access to technical documentation


SMS or email alarms of specified events can be distributed.

Remote control

Products and licenses

ioLiving Machine Link for easy remote control of kitchen equipment

ioLiving Machine Link (ML) is a universal device with a built-in Internet connection. It includes a SIM card that provides an affordable data connection via the NB-IoT service in 4G / LTE mobile networks. The data between the ioLiving cloud service and ML is secure and automated.

Machine Link device is always configured for each equipment type

Configuration is made by SW and sometimes with minor HW changes. It is suitable for any kitchen equipment including kettles, dishwashers, coolers, freezers, etc. The device has a wide variety of communication interfaces (RS232, USB, RS-485, TTL, binary and analogy). Many standard sensors (temperature, humidity, energy, vibration, etc.) can be connected to ML.

The most flexible way to interface kitchen equipment ML is by using the serial data interface. Standard MODBUS communication or a proprietary protocol can be used. Kitchen equipment can send data to cloud and data from cloud can be sent to the equipment.

ioLiving service features

ioLiving cloud service provides many existing features to analyse and share data. It also has an alarm management feature. SMS or email alarms of specified events can be distributed.

ML device is assembled either into the ioLiving standard enclosure or a custom enclosure. The device can be fixed on the outer surface or inside the kitchen equipment. The device has an embedded mobile network antenna. However, for improving the network sensitivity an external antenna can also be used.


“The data between the ioLiving cloud service and Machine Link is secure and automated.”

Products and licenses

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