Five innovations have been selected as one of the most exciting products of Gastro Helsinki 2020 for food and restaurant professionals, which include facilitating kitchen operations, enabling restaurant operations and understanding the environmental aspects of ingredients and dishes. Metos-ioLiving Food Waste Tracker is one of these new innovations!

Professional kitchens, and especially large contract catering companies / restaurant chains, improve their productivity and reduce environmental impact by using Food Waste Tracker. We are delighted that the solution has been well received, as it addresses one of the problems identified in the professional kitchen production chain. The measures are targeted at losses of significant value and carbon footprint. Food Waste Tracker is a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring of food loss.

It is part of the Smart Kitchen concept, which provides a solution for self-monitoring of professional kitchens as part of the kitchens’ own HACCP system.

Metos-ioLiving Food Waste Tracker will be featured at the Metos stand at the upcoming Gastro Helsinki 2020 fair from 11th to 13th March. Well worth a visit!

Metos and ioLiving have been working closely to develop better solutions for self-monitoring of professional kitchens for many years. The purpose is to facilitate and automate the everyday routines of professional kitchens. We wanted to bring to the market an easy-to-use kitchen solution to monitor and reduce food waste. A solution that would facilitate the achievement of the goals set to reduce waste.

“Food waste is ecologically and economically unsustainable. The simplest way to reduce the environmental and economic impact of food is to prevent food loss. The aim is to halve the amount of food wastage by 2030 (EU and UN).”

It is clear that food waste must be reduced, but the problem cannot be completely eliminated. Easy-to-use, but precise tools are needed to target the actions.

This is where the Metos-ioLiving Food Waste Tracker is designed. It helps professional kitchens and contract catering companies to track and reduce food waste.

Measures to reduce food waste require information on what kind of food waste is most common. The automatization of routine tasks is highly appreciated, since the kitchen staff is often very busy, and the waste may not be recorded since it takes too much time. ioLiving has developed a Smart Scale that allows waste data to be recorded in just 5 seconds. The information collected is reliable because the logging is done by the kitchen staff themselves. 

Metos and ioLiving offer easy and reliable self-monitoring solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens

Metos Kitchen Intelligence is a concept which offers products and services to enhance the performance of restaurants and commercial kitchens. Metos and ioLiving are working together to provide a modern and effective self-monitoring solutions as a part of SmartKitshen concept. Metos manufactures and markets professional kitchen equipment and fixtures and is the market leader in its field in the Nordic, the Baltic and the Benelux countries.

Gastro Helsinki 2020 Trade fair for the food and restaurant industries 11—13 March

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