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ioLiving Smart Kitchen solutions are widely used in professional kitchens around the world.

Food waiste tracking in professional kitchens

Reduce food waste with FoodWasteTracker

Improve productivity by reducing wasted food. A complete solution that includes waste scales, a phone app and a cloud service. Track the amount and quality of food waste in euros (€), kilograms (kg) and carbon footprint (kgCO2e).

Ammattikeittiöiden omavalvonta

Digital HACCP for commercial kitchens

Improve productivity by replacing pen and paper. A complete HACCP solution with automated temperature monitoring, alarms, temperature sampling, checklists for manually performed checks and reporting.

Self-monitoring in food production

Digital HACCP for food production

Provide your customers with a valuable additional service by offering access to food safety data. Traceability of critical ingredients, temperatures, measurements, and quality checks. Suitable for both small-scale production and large food producers.

Smart Kitchen solutions, knowledge management

Digital Management of food service

Centralized management creates the conditions for streamlining operations and improving productivity. Manage the entire company’s process from HACCP to reduction of waste. Disseminate good practices and harmonize processes.

Kitchen equipment remote control

Remote control of kitchen equipment

Improve productivity by preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns. Change kitchen equipment settings remotely without visiting the site. Save money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance


Food Waste Tracker was selected as Gastro’s Best Products

Five innovations have been selected as one of the most exciting products of Gastro Helsinki 2020 for food and restaurant professionals, which include facilitating kitchen operations, enabling restaurant operations and understanding the environmental aspects of...

Fair news from the Netherlands

Metos-ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution was on display at the “Facility & Building Management 2020 trade fair” in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The solution was explored by both privately owned restaurant chains and public administration kitchen professionals.  ”The...

Recording food waste in 5 seconds

”Food waste is ecologically and economically unsustainable. The simplest way to reduce the environmental and economic impact of food is to prevent food waste. The aim is to halve the amount of food wastage by 2030.” (EU and UN) Food waste must be reduced, but the...

ioLiving crossed the 2 billion mark

Thanks to satisfied customers, we crossed the 2 billion processed measurements last week. We are so happy! The added value of the result is that all measurements have been made and transferred to the cloud using devices designed and manufactured by ioLiving itself...

Self-monitoring made simple

“Smart Kitchen solution was easy to deploy. ioLiving had the settings ready, and they also came here to set up the data acquisition devices. We didn’t have to do anything else but to download the mobile app and start using the service.”Yasin Çiçekrestaurateur of Da...

Metos-ioLiving enters the Dutch market

Companies have tough competition to attract top talents. The international company invests in the well-being of its staff also in the Netherlands. Their office employs about 500 people. There is a private restaurant offering quality food at the premises. The company...

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