Solutions for energy consumption tracking and remote control of kitchen equipment

Equipment Tracker measures the energy consumption and operating hours of kitchen equipment. Machine Link is a universal device for remote control of kitchen equipment with a built-in internet connection. Easy Start packages are pre-activated and tested. Account is opened, products and license activated. The configuration is customized.

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Easy Start solutions

Remote tracking and control of kitchen equipment solution includes a SmartKitchen service and selected devices from the options below. The exact configuration will be designed together with each customer. The use of the service can be easily expanded and modified according to needs.

Smart Kitchen service

  • Kitchen equipment monitoring
  • SmartKitchen user account and cloud service with interactive and easy to use interface
  • Secured and automated data transfer between the cloud service and devices
  • Devices of your choice
  • Delivery as an Easy Start packages
  • suitable for all kitchen equipment including kettles, dishwashers, coolers, freezers, etc.
  • measurement of energy consumption and operating hours
  • remote control and monitoring
  • anticipation of maintenance visits
  • alerts and early warnings of faults
  • links to necessary documents

Device: EquipmentTracker

  • Measurement device to monitor energy consumption and operating hours of kitchen equipment
  • Configuration

Device: Machine Link

  • Universal device for remote control of kitchen equipment.
  • Built-in Internet connection.
  • A dedicated interface may be needed to connect the kitchen equipment to Machine Link.
  • Configuration

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