It is important that busy kitchen staff as well as company management have easy access to self-monitoring and food waste status. For this reason, on December 9, 2021, we released a new homepage for ioLiving service.

The improvements make it easier to manage the status of self-monitoring and allow management to inform the entire organization about issues related to food safety or reducing food waste. Staff will also be able to quickly identify problems that require action.

An easy-to-read table has been added to the front page to summarize the entire status of self-monitoring. An excellent tool for larger organizations and convenient for smaller ones. At a glance, the status of all technical devices can be seen – whether the gateways and measurement devices are working properly, whether the batteries need to be replaced and whether all alarms have been acknowledged. The table also shows the activity of service users during the previous two weeks: how many samples were taken and how many tasks were performed. The trend of food waste can also be found on the same page.

News function

The News function is part of an organization-level license. The administrative user of the organization can send messages through the service. Messages appear on the front page of the service under the heading “News”. Messages can be targeted to the entire organization or even just specific units.

A convenient way to inform and share tips or just encourage the use of digital solution as widely as possible.

Service news and info

The service administrator ioLiving informs all service users about technical and functional issues of the system in the “Service news and info” section. The messages concern, for example, service updates and new features, as well as possible service maintenance breaks.

We are constantly developing our service to provide the best possible user experience. Ease of use and clarity of our service are important things to us.

If you are not yet our customer, then check out our service and get in touch. Let’s find out the best configuration to meet your needs.