Connecting devices to an Internet service is now easier than ever. We developed a new product, the Mobile Gateway, with a ready Internet access over a mobile network.


Naturally, the development work has also focused on customers’ information security. The system works as an independent entity and does not need to be connected to the customer’s own network.

Thanks to the international SIM card, the Mobile Gateway connects to the network of the best available operator at the time. The Gateway collects information from the surrounding ioLiving measurement devices wirelessly and transmits them directly to the ioLiving cloud service. The simultaneous use of three radio technologies, LTE, LoRa and Bluetooth, is unique in addition to ease of use.

The Mobile Gateway runs on mains power and consumes only little power. The rechargeable battery keeps it running even during a power break down. The device is small (100 * 58 * 25 mm), so it is easy to place and does not take up desk space.

The Mobile Gateway is immediately ready for use. You just turn on the power and plug in the charger. The device works in Europe.

ioLiving Easy Start -solutions

Mobile Gateway is a part of the ioLiving Easy Start solution, where continuous measurement and real-time monitoring via the cloud service has been made as easy and cost-effective as possible. It completely replaces manual recording of measurements. The data is analyzed and utilized regardless of time and place.

The ioLiving service meets the needs of even the most demanding professionals. The Easy Start solution is used, for example:

In seven years, ioLiving has delivered more than 30,000 measurement devices, the solution has more than 2,000 users and over 2.7 billion processed measurements in the cloud service. In addition to the Nordic countries, satisfied users of our service can be found e.g. from the Netherlands and Ireland.

We develop our services and products to meet the business needs of our customers. Continuous development is an essential part of our operations. New innovations are always available to both our existing and future customers.

Facilitating the use of the Internet of Things– Mobile Gateway.

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