The coronavirus pandemic has quickly shut down professional kitchens around the world. In many kitchens, freezers and refrigerators are left on, but there is no staff to monitor that the equipment is working properly. The ioLiving SmartKitchen solution for digital self-monitoring is also a great help in such situations.

Here is a brief review for both existing and new customers on how you can ensure the quality of your food during the storage:

  • place temperature collecting devices at the locations to be measured
  • the measurement data is automatically transferred to ioLiving Cloud service (via smartphone or gateway)
  • real-time monitoring with any browser, regardless of time and place, even from home
  • enable alarms when the measurement parameter deviates from the allowed ones
  • define “Recipients of Alerts”, ie record the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the persons to whom alerts should go
  • set upper and lower limits for each measurement parameter
  • set temperature alarm limits for the required monitoring points
  • you will also be able to receive an alarm if no measurement data is received from the sensor

If there are any problems with the system, please contact email We will try to respond as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

If you do not yet have a digital and cost-effective self-monitoring system, then get in touch!

Matti Verkasalo

Matti Verkasalo

CEO ioLiving

tel. +358 40 821 5546