”Food waste is ecologically and economically unsustainable. The simplest way to reduce the environmental and economic impact of food is to prevent food waste. The aim is to halve the amount of food wastage by 2030.” (EU and UN)

Food waste must be reduced, but the problem cannot be completely eliminated. More accurate tools are needed for focused actions. ioLiving Food Waste Tracker helps professional kitchens and kitchen chains to reduce impacts of food waste.

Professional kitchen can take actions to reduce food waste only if the type of waste is known. Therefore, kitchen shall collect waste data to pinpoint the type of waste creating biggest economical or environmental impact.

Smart Scale recording in 5 seconds

However, kitchen staff is always busy and recording of food waste remains many times undone. ioLiving has developed a Smart Scale to speed up recording down to 5 seconds. Recording is still reliable as it is made by the kitchen staff.

Smart Scale compliments the ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution. With the solution a professional kitchen and kitchen chain can manage HACCP and food waste.

Reducing food waste

Food Waste Tracker is a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring of food loss in professional kitchens.

Digital HACCP

The perfect solution for digital monitoring in professional kitchens as part of your own HACCP plan.

SmartKitchen concept

The ioLiving solution helps restaurants and commercial kitchens carry out self-monitoring easily, reliably and in real time. The ioLiving solution is part of the client’s HACCP programme (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and includes alarms and automatic reporting of deviations.