“Smart Kitchen solution was easy to deploy. ioLiving had the settings ready, and they also came here to set up the data acquisition devices. We didn’t have to do anything else but to download the mobile app and start using the service.”

Yasin Çiçek
restaurateur of Da Mario

Family-owned Da Mario is the oldest pizzeria in Oulu, and it has operated in its current premises since 1982. There is an authentic Italian and friendly atmosphere. The menu is based on prime quality ingredients, and want to keep it that way. Da Mario is known for its pizzas but also its lush salad bar with many fresh varieties. The healthiness and safety of the ingredients is self-monitored with ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution.

ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution is a suitable choice for Da Mario

The owners started to look for different kind of digital solutions for self-monitoring when they got tired of the unpractical way of writing things by hand. All the paper was complicated to keep organized and to reasonably get documented. It took too much time in restaurant’s hectic environment. They were looking for more facilitation on routines. Moreover, Da Mario wanted a reliable way to manage the duties set to professional kitchens by HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution for self-monitoring proved to be suitable for Da Mario as it makes self-monitoring easy and reliable. The devices for collecting temperatures are placed on the desired objects. The temperature data is automatically transferred into ioLiving Cloud service via Bluetooth or LoRa. The measured information is monitored and analyzed real-time, and the report can be created with any web browser. Also other self-monitoring related observations are recorded in the same system. All data is saved in the same place.

Carefree solution for restaurants

Da Mario has got about ten devices set up for collecting data. The temperatures of for example cold equipment and salad bar, and of course the optimal storage temperature for the pizza dough, can be measured with ioLiving Smart Devices.

Alarm related to anomalies, for instance if refrigerator doors are accidently left open or if there is malfunction with the monitored kitchen appliance, is possible to get both on a mobile phone and e-mail.

“The alarms can be adjusted with a delay so that there is not alarm every time you open the refrigerator door. Only, when the alarm is truly needed” tell the Çiçeks.

“ioLiving self-monitoring service is easy to use and affordable solution. We can be sure of its functionality. It has been a carefree solution for us! We can warmly recommend it to all businesses that are looking for a quality self-monitoring for professional kitchens”

Leyla and Yasin Çiçek
Da Mario